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  • £3.951. Lentil Soup
  • £3.952. Soup of the Day


  • £4.453. Prawn Cocktail    Classic-Prawns with Marie Rose sauce and Lettuce
  • £4.454. Avocado Prawn Cocktail      Classic-Prawns with Marie Rose sauce and avocado
  • £6.455. Karisik Meze ( Mixed Cold Meze Platter)     Hummus, tarama salad, cacik, patlican soslu, tabouleh, sigara boregi
  • £4.956. Imam Bayildi (Stuffed Aubergine ) (V)     Aubergine stuffed with onions, tomatoes, green peppers, parsley and a hint of garlic
  • £4.657. Patlacan Soslu (Fried Aubergine & Peppers)     Aubergine, mixed sweet peppers, tomatoes, onion with fresh tomato and garlic sauce with yoghurt    
  • £4.658. Patlican Ezme ( Aubergine Caviar Salad)    Smoked aubergine caviar puree with garlic and olive oil
  • £4.459. Hummus ( (V)    Puree of chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic with olive oil dressing
  • £4.3010. Cacik ( Classic Tzatziki) (V)       Yoghurt with finely chopped cucumber, mints and garlic
  • £4.5011. Ispanak Tarator ( Spinach with yoghurt) (V)    Spinach, yoghurt with garlic and olive oil   
  • £4.7512. Tarama Salad       Home-made fish roe pate, mixed with potatoes, olive oil and lemon juice
  • £4.3013. Tabbouleh (Parsley Salad ) (V)       Specially prepared crushed wheat, mixed with friendly chopped parsley, spring onions, cucumber, tomatoes, mint, green peppers, topped with lemon juice and olive oil.
  • £4.9514. Kisir ( Nuts Salad (V) (N)      Mixed nuts and vegetable salad with cracked wheat, lemon and olive oil dressing


  • £8.9520. Penne With Meaty Tomato Sauce      Penne with minced lamb cooked with onions, tomato, parsley and garlic
  • £8.9521. Chicken Penne      Penne with diced chicken, cream, peppers & Spinach
  • £8.9522. Vegetable Pasta      Penne with red and green peppers, broccoli, carrots, garlic and oregano


  • £3.7527. Mashed Potato
  • £3.7528. Steamed Vegetable
  • £3.7529. New Potatoes
  • £2.9530. French Fries


    • £5.6531. Hummus Kavurma ( Hummus with Lamb )          Hummus with diced lamb and pine kernel topping    
  • £4.9532. Mitite Kofte ( Small Cocktail Meatballs)       Lamb Meatball cooked in minted fresh tomato sauce & Herbs     
  • £4.9533. Sauteed Lamb Liver
  •            Sauteed Lamb Liver served with red onions, parsley and sumac
  • £4.5534. Filo Pastry  Rolls  with feta (V)       Freshly fried filo pastry rolls filled with feta cheese, parsley and herbs
  • £4.9535. Karides Sote ( Sauteed Garlic Prawns)       Sauteed king prawns with confit garlic and fresh tomato sauce     
  • £4.9536. Kalamar        Deep Fried Kalamari served with tartare sauce   
  • £4.6537 FalaFel (V).       Broad Beens, Chickpeas and vegetable fitter topped with sesame seeds served with tahini & fresh coriander sauce dip     
  • £4.9538. Grilled Halloumi (V)
  •            Grilled Cyprus Cheese
  • £3.9539. Garlic Mushrooms (V)       Mushroom suateed with cherry tomatoes, spinach, cream and garlic
  • £5.4540. Sucuklu Yumurta (Fried Egg with Spicy Beed Sausage)      Specially prepared spicy beef sauage with herbs cooked with fresh tomato suase with egg
  • £4.75 . Sucuk Sote ( Sauteed Spicy Sausage)       Specially prepared spicy beef sauage with herbs cooked with chopped tomatoes with herbs
  • £7.2541. Karisik Sicak Meze ( Hot Meze Platter)      Falafel, Filo pastry with feta, kalamar, mitite kpfte, grilled halloumi.     


  • £9.2546. Turlu (Vegetable Casserole)   (V)      Diced of season vegetable baked with olive oil, garlic served with rice   
  • £9.4547. Vegeterian Moussakka (V)      Layers of grilled aubergine, courgette, bell peppers topped with bechamel sauce served with rice     
  • £9.4548. Hellimli Ispanak ( Spinach with Halloummi) (V)      Spiniach sauteed with mixed peppers, halloumi cheese and cream served with bulgur
  • £9.3049. Mantar Sote (sauteed Mushrooms (V)       Mushrooms, asparagus, cherry tomato, broccolli sauteed with fresh tomato suace served with rice
  • £9.5050. Imam Bayildi ( Stuffed Auburgine) (V)      Sauteed king prawns with confit garlic and fresh tomato sauce     


  • £3.9555. Feta Salad (V)  
  • £4.5056 Avocado Salad (V)
  • £3.50Mixed Salad(V)      Onions, Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, cherry tomato and cill with dressing.


  • £12.9560. Antalya Ozel Incik ( Lamb Steak-Antalya Special )      Slow cooked knuckle of lamb baked in the oven with potatoes, carrots, celeriac & shallots served with rice    
  • £11.9561. Kuzu Guvec( Lamb Casserole)      Diced lamb cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, auburgines, onion and garlic served with bulgur rice     
  • £12.9562. Iskender (Kuzu veya Tavuk)      sliced lamb or chicken on a bed of crispy cubes of pitta bread dressed with home made fresh tomato sauce, garlic and served withyoghurt
  • £12.9563. Hunkar Begendi      Mixture of aubergine caviar puree, cream, cheddar cheese, topped with cubes of lamb, onions and green peppers cooked in tomato and herbs
  • £11.9564. Islim Kebab (AubergineParcels)      Diced lamb wrapped in aburgine sliced cooked withtomatoes, onion, garlic and spices served with bulgur rice     
  • £11.9565. Et Sote(sauteed Lamb)      Diced lamb cooked with tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic served with bulgur rice  
  • £10.4566. Izmir Kofte       Lamb Patties, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and garlic served with bulgur rice     
  • £10.9567. Lamb Musakka Layers of minced lamb, aubergine, potatoes and tomato served sauce cheese sauce
  • £10.9568. Karisik Dolma      Aubergine, bell peppers and courgette stuffed with minced lamb, rice, onions and herbs
  • £11.9569. Tavuk Topkapi     Boned half chicken, rice, cinnamon, dill, fresh mint, parsley, pine kernel, seven spices baked served with white suase served with bulgur rice.
  • £10.95 70.Tavuk Sote ( Sauteed Chicken)       Dicdd chicken cooked with tomatoes, peppers,, onions & Garlic
  • £10.9571. Tavuk Guvec     Diced lamb or chicken cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onion and garlic served with bulgur rice
  • £11.9572. Tavuk Sarma     Spinach, asparagus, carrots, onions hallomi cheese wrapped into boned chicken and baked served with shite suace and serve with bulgur rice
  • £11.9573. Tavuk Prenses     Mini checken fillets sauteed with muhsroom, garlic, dull cream and parmesan cheese served with bulgur rice
  • £12.5074. Meyveli Kuzu     Poached diced lamb with cinnamon, pears, apricot and prunes served with bulgur rice


  • £12.9580. Mixed Kebab     Marinated cubes of Chicken, lamb fillet, lamb kofte and cutlet served with rice and salad
  • £12.9581. Kuzu Kulbasti( Lamb Fillet with Oregano)     Grilled fillets of lamb with oregano served with basmati rice and salad
  • £12.5082. Kuzu Shish ( Lamb on Skrewer)     Marinated fillets of chunky lamb cubes grilled on skewer served with basmati rice and salad
  • £11.5083. Izgara Kofte     Lamb patties kneaded with herbs and grilled on skewer served with basmati rice and salad
  • £11.5084. Pirzola ( Lamb Cutlets)     Lamb cutlets served with basmati rice and salad
  • £12.9585. Tavuk Kulbasti ( Grilled Chicken Fillets)     Succulent chicken thigh fillets marinated and grilled served with basmati rice and salad
  • £11.5086. Tavuk Sish ( Chicken on Skewer)       Diced marinated chunky cubes of chicken grilled on skewers served with basmati rice and salad


  • £13.9590. Sirloin Steak    Grilled sirloin steak served with French Fries and mushrooms
  • £12.9591. Ribeye Steak     Grilled ribeye steak served with French Fries and vegetables
  • £14.9593. Antalya Special Steak     Grilled sirloin steak served with specially prepared sause with tomatoes, peppers, onions and served with French Fries and vegetables
  • £18.9594. Pepper Steak     Grilled fillet Steak served with French Fries and vegetables
  • £14.9595. Bonfile ( Fillet Steak)     Grilled Sriloin Steak with mushroom and peppercorn gravy


  • £12.9598. Seabass     Pan fried two fillets of seabass served with rocket salad and mixed vegetables
  • £11.9599. Salmon     Grilled fillet salmon with shrimps and white sause served with mashed potatoes
  • £13.95100. Halibut     Grilled filletd of halibut served with new potatoes, wilted spinach and vegetables
  • £13.95101. Karides Sote (Sauteed Prawns)     Sauteed king prawns with confit garlic, onions, tomatoes mixed peppers served with rice
  • £10.95102. Kalamar     Deep Fried kalamari served with tartare sauce

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